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Eye Clinic
Eye Clicnic

The Eye Clinic provides all secondary eye care services including minor and major surgeries. To name a few, the Eye Clinic provides cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery, lid surgeries for trachoma and other lid problems, all outpatient ophthalmic medical care, refraction and glass prescribing, regular follow up for glaucoma and diabetic patients, and medical eye checkups.

The Eye Care unit particularly specializes in phacoemulsification cataract surgery, which is the latest form of cataract surgery and the first of its kind in Ethiopia. Phaco is a microsurgical technique where ultrasonic vibration is used to crush, liquefy the cataractous lens and remove by suction and insert a foldable artificial lens through small incision. Thus, there is minimal trauma to the eye with minimal or no pain following surgery and the patient can go back to work and resume his/her regular work as early as one week with good vision.


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